Before logging please check the following:

Basic Troubleshooting for CPACS connectivity:

1. Check cable is plugged in either a Clinical VLAN or PACS network port

  • Note the port it was plugged into when the error occurred

2. Check cable integrity

  • Look for any breaks or flat patches where it may have been run over by equipment – try replacing the cable

3. Check worklist on device is populating

  • Is the date on the machine correct
  • Is there any information on the worklist
    • Is the date of visit current – Has the worklist been updated since it was plugged into the network
    • Are there patients from today but not the one you are looking for (Missing patient on worklist)
    • Is it returning an error – note the error to log the job

4. If able to confirm with an ‘echo’ test the worklist and PACS servers

  • This will vary per device

5. Send ‘Test’ image to PACS to confirm device recording is completed (sent) or not

6. If still not connecting, (showing worklists or completes sending images) and no obvious fault with the device then

Escalate to Southern Cross Service Desk. Include details of any error messages displayed on the device
email: or call Ext 5353

Inform the Theatre Manager/ Theatre team leader